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*International Shipping is $100 Extra 


Deposit is $206 

($200 Deposit + $6 PayPal Fee)

US Shipping Costs $515 Regardless of Destination 

($500 Shipping + $15 PayPal Fee)

Below are links for customers who have arranged to make a payment for balance due on a puppy. If you have not arranged payment with us DO NOT use the links below, please contact us directly for assistance. Final Payment is always due before a puppy can go home with you.

 *All PayPal Payments will Include a 3% Fee.

Make A Deposit

Full Registration is $515

($500 Price + $15 PayPal Fee)

We offer a variety of services that go along with the purchase of your new companion depending on your needs. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

Purchase Flight

Found the Diamond Pup you want? Wonderful! Use this tool to place a deposit to ensure your baby will be here waiting for you!*Please Note​ all deposits are non refundable and will be applied to the balance owed for puppy. Please include the name of the puppy.

For customers who plan on training their puppy for dog shows or who were considering having a litter of their own later on.  

​​*Full Registration available  only on puppies marked pure breed. We proudly only breed AKC

-Pending Payments-

Full Registration 

Flown with love and arrives with kisses! Even if you cant make it here to pick up your new Diamond Pup, purchasing flight adds convenience and added benefits.   

* Vet Check & Health Certification
* New kennel
* You can choose any major     airport that is most convenient for pick up

We accept Cash or Credit Card(Paypal)

If you would like to make a payment for your puppy using a credit card please Click Here to contact us so we can  send you an invoice specifically for your puppy

​​*All PayPal Payments will Include a 3% Fee.