Puppy Sale Contract

Contract for adoption of _____________________________________ puppy,  Male___ Female___

Agreement made on ____/____/____   between the seller and the buyer(s) is a binding contract.

Color: __________    Registration number: ___________________

BUYER(S): ___________________________

Address ________________________________

City, State, Zip ____________________________

Phone _________________________           Email ______________________________

Price: Sale price of puppy: _________

HEALTH GUARANTEE: Breeder certifies that this puppy is, to the best of his/her knowledge, healthy at the time of sale. Vaccination records and a health background will be provided by the Breeder.

                A) The Buyer is to have this puppy examined by a state licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of purchase, at Buyer's expense. If this dog is determined to have any congenital defect, within five days of examination by the veterinarian Buyer will receive a replacement dog of equal value (as when purchased) when such Dog becomes available. No monetary refund will be given. This refund policy does not cover death due to neglect or abuse. If puppy dies within 24 hours of purchase a replacement puppy will be given when a puppy of equal value is available. A replacement will only take place if the above puppy has been properly cared for in Buyer(s) possession and proof of death is provided. If a replacement puppy is given, the original puppy with all paperwork must be returned to the Breeder within 24 hours after the replacement puppy has been provided, unless otherwise agreed upon.

                B) Breeder guarantees the puppy against a severe crippling hip dysplasia until the dog attains the age of 18 months from date of birth. Prior to the expiration of this guarantee, if Buyer provides to Breeder a written certification by a licensed veterinarian that the dog is found to have severe crippling grade hip dysplasia, and if all X-rays of the dog are made available to Breeder upon request, then Buyer may upon proof of spay, neuter or death certificate by the veterinarian, receive a replacement dog of equal value (of the animal when purchased) when such dog becomes available. The certification can be done no earlier than 18 month of age. No monetary refund will be given.

                C) Breeder guarantees the dog to be free of any congenital disease until the dog attains the age of one year from date of birth. If the dog develops a congenital disease or a condition that dates from the prenatal or fetal stage, and if Buyer provides to Breeder written certifications from a licensed veterinarian and then allows Breeder to take dog to the licensed veterinarian of her choice and the same disease is found, a replacement puppy of equal or less value will be given as soon as such puppy is available. Original puppy is to be returned to breeder unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon by both Buyer and Breeder. No monetary refund will be given.

Please initial that you have read and understand this page as part of whole contract
Seller______                                            Buyer______

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                D) All veterinary bills and other expenses incurred by Buyer after Buyer takes possession and before Buyer returns the dog to Breeder are the sole responsibility of Buyer. Buyer shall be solely responsible for the Dog's good health, safety, appearance and temperament after Buyer takes possession of the dog and before Buyer returns the dog to Breeder.

1) This dog is not to be left in a Kennel environment or used for breeding in a Puppy Mill environment.

2) Buyer agrees to obtain and keep said pet contained to their property, on a leash when in public, and agrees to comply with local dog license laws. Buyer further agrees that Buyer is solely responsible for any and all actions of the Puppy and agrees to hold breeder harmless from any and all claims for Bodily Injury and/or Property Damages caused or alleged to have been caused by the puppy. Buyer acknowledges that the puppy needs training and guidance. Buyer understands that this means they might have to invest in a professional for said puppy if training is needed, buyer will invest the time and money into it, so that the puppy will be a well-balanced part of the family.

3) Buyer understands that no warranties are given in regards to dog's temperament, or color or size.

4) This contract and any guarantees will be void if this dog is misused in said way as stated above.

All warranties, guarantees and promises of the Breeder under this contract shall be null, void and of no effect if the dog has been the victim of abuse, neglect, accident of any type or if it has an improper diet. This contract contains the entire agreement between the parties and no statement or verbal agreements made by either party that are not contained in this written contract shall be valid or binding. This contract may not be modified or altered except in writing and signed by both parties. Violations of this Contract will constitute BREACH of CONTRACT is punishable by law, and may result in mandatory confiscation and return of the puppy to the Breeder.

I have read and understand the stipulations of the contract and voluntarily agree to all elements, stipulations and provisions herein.

Signature of Buyer(s) ______________________________________       Date: ________________

Signature of Breeders ______________________________________      Date: ________________